Training Edge helps you tackle the challenge of elevating your existing training programs to that deliver the right educational content in the best way possible to achieve high retention and successful outcomes. With this new request, we will use your existing content and program and elevate the experience and outcomes to a higher level of effectiveness. Using our experienced performance consultants and instructional designers on staff we will work with your existing content and supporting materials to ensure that your specific objectives are met and a strong impact is achieved.

The goal of all training programs is to create a memorable event that brings about a change in the knowledge and behavior of the participants.

How We Will Help

The instructional designers at the Training Edge will:

  • Confirm learning objectives for program content
  • Review existing overall design and make recommendations for revisions.
  • Recommend learning activities, interactions and exercises specific to your content to engage and energize your participants.
  • Test the activities to ensure effectiveness and high level of engagement.
  • Work with your team to review the revisions and additions to ensure that your team is ready to lead a successful training event.
  • Observe your team members / subject matter experts delivering the program to provide feedback on the impact of the program and recommendations for changes and enhancements.

Sample Adult Learning Methodologies to Enhance the Training

  • Pre-Work / Post-Work Assignments
  • Introductions and Icebreakers
  • Content Sections for immediate Relevant and Realistic Application
  • Group Activities
  • Individual Reflection Exercises
  • Quizzes, Tests
  • Case Studies
  • Paired Sharing Experiences
  • Group Discussions
  • Worksheets
  • Summary and Re-Caps

Contact us to design a training program specifically for you.