Are you experiencing tempo shock?

Is it jarring the sensibilities of executives, management and employees? Have you found it challenging to stay on track and accelerate change, sustain momentum, create the future and stimulate employee motivation simultaneously?

Do you struggle with:

  • the paradoxes of stability versus innovation,
  • management processes versus leadership,
  • individual motivation versus teamwork,
  • structure versus flexibility,
  • entitlement mentality versus entrepreneurial spirit,
  • analysis paralysis versus speed,
  • reliability versus creativity,
  • stability versus continuous improvement,
  • questionability versus accountability,
  • command and control versus agility,
  • internal myopic view versus customer focus,
  • perpetuating the past versus organizational development

Our Needs Analysis Process can help you identify your priorities and desired learning outcomes.

Sample Questions

Here are our sample questions that help us to understand your environment and determine how to develop a plan that achieves results.

  1. What performance issues have been identified that are driving a need for education or learning?
  2. What behaviors need to be improved?
  3. Are there new skills to be learned?
  4. What will be the positive outcome of the learning?
  5. How would you measure this outcome?
  6. What will be the negative impact for NOT providing this learning to the organization? Team? Individual?
  7. What are your employees doing that they should not be doing? (I.e., What do you want employees to STOP doing?)
  8. What specific things would you like to see your people do, but that they are not doing currently? (I.e., What do you want the employees to START doing?)
  9. What are the key business needs that will affect your employees in the next designated period of time?
  10. If you could make some REALLY happen, what would that be?