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Learning Management Services

At Training Edge, we understand that resources can be challenged.  Most organizations need to do more with less.  Many organizations would like to maximize their talent at work and engage in more training and development initiatives; however, they lack capacity, expertise, or the need is simply temporary and do not wish to invest in full time staff.

Because of this reality, Training Edge has created a strong Learning Management Services Division.  We offer customized support and functionality in a wide range of products and services.  Our goal is to offer best, innovative solutions which are easily and seamlessly streamlined to your organization.

The following is a sample menu of Services that will help you to achieve your organizational Goals:

  • Strategic Development Consulting – Helping you to maximize your return on training investment dollars
  • Training Coordination and Project Management – Organizing and implementing educational solutions
  • Instructional Design and Program Development – Creating and Matching the Right Program to the Desired Result
  • Employee Surveys and Training Needs Analysis – To monitor the pulse and the needs of the organization
  • Metrics and Scorecard Development – Measuring the impact of organizational initiatives
  • Do-It-Yourself Solutions – Giving you the program to facilitate using your internal resources
  • Audio Recording, Video Recording, Website Review, SEO or Social Media Strategy Solutions – Training Edge has an audio and video studio available to assist you with your organizations learning and communication strategy.  We include a trained resource for recording and editing audio and video files.  Consultations are available to implement your SEO or Social Media plan.
  • Competency Mapping – Training Edge has the tools, knowledge, and experts to assist you with your job competency map plans.  Ultimately, we provide a simple, comprehensive binder report that provides you the necessary insight to guide employees and competencies to match organization direction.
  • Solutions 4 Hiring – We offer advanced consulting and job search services.  Our inventory of qualified, assessment candidates is vast to help you best match the perfect fit between organizational need and employee capability.
  • Meeting and Event Planning – We are qualified event planners to help make your company meeting or celebration event successful.  Whether it is for employee appreciation day or customer user group opportunities, we design and implement incredible events that achieve excellence.
  • Teambuilding – Training Edge has a wide array of Teambuilding events that can be conducted indoors or outdoors that achieve a variety of results including helping team members to feel valued, improved collaboration and communication methods.