What does a coach do?

A coach inspires, advises, challenges, and supports you to be your best, and helps you and your company reach full potential. A coach can be a mentor, motivator or simply a sounding board, helping to keep you on track, focused, and working to reach your goals. We are change agents. Our one-on-one coaching is a highly confidential, customized and effective process. We ensure measurable change.

Coaching services from Training Edge

Most coaching is done in a variety of ways. It can be done over the phone, written correspondence, and/or face-to-face. The agenda for the session is entirely at the client’s discretion and in line with organizational initiatives.

When is Training Edge Coaching Necessary?

Training Edge coaching can produce impact at all stages of employee development. Executives, managers, entrepreneurs, and self-employed professionals rely on Training Edge for objective insight and direction. We produce a high return on investment, especially when:

  • facing challenges associated with growth
  • wanting more productivity, cooperation, and efficiency
  • honest, objective, direct feedback and advice is needed
  • newly appointed to a senior position or a change to current position
  • struggling with performance expectations and accomplishments
  • challenged by change and new responsibilities or personnel
  • achieving mastery of a position and striving towards next career step

Our goal is to help executives and employees develop their leadership style, identify blind spots, and strengthen the critical skills necessary for success. We help managers and supervisors to smooth rough edges and accelerate their value to the organization. We assist in clarifying their strengths and creating plans of action for opportunities and improvement. Our experienced team of consultants and certified coaches create trust, confidentiality and motivation. We use proven behavioral methodologies and techniques that provide the foundation and tactics for leadership development.

Check out some of the tools we use in coaching:


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