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Build a change-capable organization with individual and collective capacity to drive change and are energized for the next transition.

TrainingEdge Culture Change Solutions

Changing Company Culture

To thrive, organizations need to stay poised for constant state of change and evolution. This means that employees need to be resilient and willing to make small and large changes efficiently. Creating a change-ready organization requires purpose and intentional plans and skills for critical mass.

Our programs help to implement an intentional process for executing change and transforming organizations through their transitional timeline. We provide learning solutions that help employees and leaders become agile, embrace transition and build muscle in resiliency so that they are constantly ready for the next cultural transformation – whatever that may be. 

Culture Transformation Programs

Align culture + strategy, across functions

Improve organizational agility + resiliency

Strengthen ambassadorship + employer brand

Improves recruitment + retention efforts

 Succession planning + continuity

Engaged employees behind a common purpose

Culture Transformation Solutions

Courses, Programs + Workshops

TrainingEdge provides learning solutions based on 25+ years of research, evidence-based science and a people-engagement model to help transform you culture and drive collection change. Choose a program that's right for you or build a custom solution specific to your unique culture and challenges.

Sample List of our Culture and Change Training Solutions:

+ Resiliency Skills

+ RA2: Creating Clarity Through Responsibility, + Accountability, + Authority

+ Change Happens

+ Productive Stress

+ Be Strong

Audience: Team, Leaders + Workforce at all Levels

Format: In-Person, Virtual or a Combination of Both

Delivery: Course, Program, Workshop or Large-Scale Event

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We pride ourselves on listening and identifying the best solution to achieve your desired outcomes.

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