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Our leadership team, consultants and coaches who help our clients achieve success.

There’s a reason our client retention rate is so high. We’re passionate. We’re energetic. We’re experienced.
And above all, we care about our clients, their businesses, and the work we do.

Barbara Ann Sharon - Training Edge Chief Learning Officer

Barbara Ann Sharon

Chief Learning Officer

Barbara Ann has extensive experience in strategic consulting, building strong leaders and high performing teams and workgroups in today’s diverse and progressive environment. She is an international keynote speaker with a doctorate’s degree in Leadership Studies. Her passion today is helping trainers and leaders achieve their next level of excellence.

Steve Sharon, Executive Director, TrainingEdge

Steve Sharon

Executive Director

Steve joined the TrainingEdge team in 2010 with a wealth of knowledge in sales, business development, and strategic consulting. His experience from his career in Sales and Technology with IBM and associated partners brought great expertise of technology and the industry into the TrainingEdge organization. Steve is always up for a good challenge and enjoys putting a strategic plan together to maximize resources and best return on investments. 

Lynda Feeney, Director Client Services

Lynda Feeney

Director of Client Services

With over twenty years of dedication and experience with Training Edge, Lynda has a multifaceted position that encompasses planning and executing training events, conducting assessments, managing the master calendar, customer billing, vendor management and providing exceptional customer service. Lynda is the rock star of the organization with her can-do attitude and stick-to-it-ness approach to the wide variety of tasks and projects she does. 

Nancy Colter, Senior Consultant, TrainingEdge

Nancy Colter

Senior Consultant

A human resources consultant and trainer who develops and implements learning solutions that supports the organization’s business strategies. Nancy’s 20-year career includes senior HR management positions as well as various benefits, compensation, and employment manager positions. This consummate professional is equally accomplished in handling a variety of human resources projects from human resources audits to recruiting in various industries and high-profile environments. She is an effective communicator with a quick, analytical mind who enjoys solving problems that contribute to the organization’s bottom line.

Shawn Devine, Sr. Consultant, TrainingEdge

Shawn Devine

Senior Consultant

Combining professional experience in higher education and facilitation and consulting in training and development, Shawn Devine has worked over 20 years in the fields of learning and education, instructional design, facilitation, and presentation skills. Shawn works with companies, non-profit organizations, and higher education institutions to help them assess, develop and implement learning and development solutions. While specializing in the delivery of training and development programs, his strong background in research and analysis to bring further depth to the training solutions he develops and presents. Shawn’s humor and ability to connect with all levels of audience is masterful.

Kari Gearhart, Senior Consultant, TrainingEdge

Kari Gearhart 

Senior Consultant

A Learning and Development executive with extensive experience in the global healthcare industry.  She consistently demonstrated excellence in leading performance consulting. She is recognized as a catalyst for bringing together unconnected networks. Completed an intensive certification program for Applied Positive Psychology where esteemed graduates master the education, application, and building skills in resiliency, growth mindset, and emotional intelligence. 

Susan Maggetti, Senior Consultant, TrainingEdge

Susan Maggetti

Senior Consultant

Provided human resources and professional development expertise globally to organizations and teams for over 20 years in industries such as E-Commerce, Engineering, Finance, Healthcare, Retail and Technology. Susan connects with others, meeting them where they are and adjusting her style to allow them to attain their goals in a productive and engaging way. She maintains her certification in a number of market leading assessments including StrengthsFinder, Predictive Index, DISC, and CPLP professional certification status. 

Mike Plumpton, Senior Consultant, TrainingEdge

Mike Plumton

Senior Consultant

Mike’s love of people, community, inclusion, learning, development, laughter, and adventure are the key elements he brings into his every day. Mike’s certification in Positive Psychology, partnered with his passion for helping people uncover their inner joy, led him to his coaching, and training career. He specializes in one-on-one coaching, training and development related to Resiliency and Positive Psychology, covering topics such as change feedback, goal setting, mindfulness, meditation, and respect. 

Fred Blackburn, Senior Consultant, TrainingEdge

Fred Blackburn

Senior Consultant

A Certified Master Life Coach providing leadership, life, and transition coaching. Fred has mentored and trained military intelligence professionals in more than a dozen countries, routinely providing guidance and advice to the most senior level national intelligence leaders. Fred is an honor graduate of the US Army Sergeants Major Academy at Ft Bliss, Texas and has earned a bachelor’s degree in Telecommunications Management and a certificate in Strategic Leadership and Management and a master’s degree in Global Business Management. Fred is a decorated combat veteran who retired in 2017 after more than 30 years of service in the US Army and Army Reserve.

Susan Redding, Senior Consultant, TrainingEdge

Susan Redding

Senior Consultant

Susan draws upon 20 years of professional experience in program design and delivery. Her expertise is in partnering with leaders of organizations to develop talent and to strategically affect corporate culture. Her passion comes through facilitating, keynote speaking, and helping her audience find their new level of skills and success. Susan has a strong can-do attitude and takes each project with exploration and commitment.

Carla Silver, Senior Consultant, TrainingEdge

Carla Silver

Senior Consultant

Learning Leader/Educational Practitioner with a strong healthcare/pharmaceutical career, supplemented by experiences in academic settings. Carla has a gift of consultative relationship management skills along with knowing how to best adapt to individual learning needs. Known for her “can do” attitude and positive approach to the work at hand, Carla raises the energy with her audiences to advance the spirit of learning.

Joy Stephens, Senior Consultant, TrainingEdge

Joy Stephens

Senior Consultant

Joy brings a unique and varied collection of work experiences to the table. While possessing dual Bachelor of Science degrees in Chemistry and Chemical Engineering. She has a Master’s in Business Administration. She has worked in a wide range of areas which helped her find her true passion for developing strong leaders, individual star performers and high performing teams within progressive organizations. Joy has many talents with a strong expertise in Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and building a sense of belonging in organizations. 

Kaleitha Johnson Headshot 2023.jpg

Kaleitha Johnson

Senior Consultant

Kaleitha is an accomplished and passionate Learning& Development leader with 20 years of experience in the field. Her practice focuses on employee, career and leadership development through coaching, consulting, and facilitation.

Jessica Peters, Sr. Marketing Consultant

Jessica Peters

Senior Marketing Consultant

Ms. Peters is a dynamic and collaborative professional with an unwavering determination to bring marketing to light. With nearly 10 years’ experience within a variety of sectors, including sports, entertainment, hospitality, and retail operations, her role as a marketing consultant helps to build and deliver a message with impact. She works with organizations to create and tell the story of what it means to work with Training Edge. 

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