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Building Resiliency Through Our Experiences


Resiliency is easily connected to our Emotional Intelligence. Specifically with the components of self-awareness and self-management. When we are faced with a variety of situations and we apply our growth mindset / learning attitude, we can choose to build a resilient muscle that “bounces back” and prepares us for similar events in the future.   

We can do this by keeping track of our experiences. We can create a journal of our pleasant and unpleasant experiences. Intentionally take the time to catalog our events through a series of short questions and then look back on a regular basis to reinforce what works and to work differently for those situations that did not work as well as you would like them to. 

Available to download - a suggested template for building resiliency through learning from our experiences.

Our Learning Experiences
Download PDF • 246KB

Observing our thoughts without judgment improves clarity, energy, and coping.

By asking yourself questions about both pleasant and unpleasant experiences and recording the answers, it is possible to experience thoughts more clearly as they happen and learn from each event to build knowledge and resiliency.

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