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Create a More Positive Discipline Experience for You and Your Employees

Keeping your employees in a positive mindset

An effective manager never enjoys having to address employees for disciplinary action.

Fortunately, for many leaders, with a change in mindset and approach, disciplining employees can be accomplished with positivity. It can even help boost morale and educate employees and managers in the process. Adopting a positive approach to providing constructive feedback can help the receiver better understand and embrace the recommendations and perspective of others.

Here are some suggestions for bringing in a positive approach when needing to set someone back on course.

  1. Focus on the big picture.  Ask, “How is this employee affecting others with their actions?”  In the long run, what is the overall impact?

  2. Believe in positive intent.  Give the other person the benefit of the doubt and commit to understanding.

  3. Seek to understand not to judge or lambaste. Your role as a leader is not to place judgment but rather to support, teach, and mentor. Listen for understanding on what the person needs to move to their next step of success.

  4. Involve the other person in the solution. When a person is involved, there is a greater likelihood that the person will have a higher level of commitment to achieving the goal.

  5. Be prepared with examples as often the employee is committed to changing but can make more sense of the situation if given clear examples. 

  6. Plan an action plan with specific small wins and milestones, so that the receiver can celebrate their accomplishments, and you know how to support the person along the way.   


Discipline and feedback does not need to be a negative experience. The benefit of employee growth and overall organizational productivity can far surpass the in the moment uncomfortableness. When a leader is committed to their employees, they are willing to put their discomfort aside for the overall benefit of the employee’s progress. 

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