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How to Build an L&D Strategy

Targeted plan

Can’t do it alone?  We get by with a little help……

Sometimes it is difficult to create a strategic plan for your organization, because you are just too close to it. It may be difficult to take a fresh look in an objective way to create a viable and realistic strategic plan. When choosing a vendor or a consultant to help you create a strategy, here are the top things to look for:

A strategic consulting firm should:     

  • Understand your business and the key driving forces that are present.

  • Know how to surface and articulate the issues present and help people address them.

  • Bring expertise and experience from working with a range of companies across multiple industries.

  • Be skilled at techniques for generating new, creative, innovative ideas.

  • Balance insight and empathy with authority and credibility.

  • Are experienced in running a wide range of meetings and strategic planning processes/events.

  • Have a good reputation with previous clients.

  • Help people address and work through conflicts, obstacles and challenges.

  • Be able to clarify your desired outcomes to ensure that a common vision is shared by all participants.

  • Share your commitment to reaching your desired outcomes.

  • Be honest and fair to make a clear distinction between opinions and facts.

  • Commit to meeting deadlines and producing results.

  • Communicate well, which sometimes means challenging others respectfully.

  • Have a style that suits your organization.

  • Have reasonable rates, measured against our competitors and the market.


Training Edge has helped many organizations elevate their results through strategic consulting and planning. Ask us how and let us help you. We’d be honored.

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