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How to Use Your StrengthsFinder Results to Maximize Your Potential

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The power of inner strength is in all of us.

We all have strengths. 

When we live in our strengths, we prosper. While many of us can say what we are good at (or not good at), it is only when our organization and job align with those strengths do we feel good at the end of the day. We become accepted for our contributions and feel safe to lean on others for their strengths. 

Discovering your strengths and talents

StrengthsFinder 2.0 by Tom Rath is a market leading book and assessment to identifying and maximizing one’s unique strengths. This book offers a customized tool and language for identifying your abilities and then how to live out those gifts and innate talents in your personal and professional lives.


  • The 30-minute assessment experience is easy. 

  • The results are rewarding showing one’s top 5 strengths and insight to the ranking of these strengths among a total of 34 strengths.  

Available on Amazon - StrengthsFinder 2.0

How great is it to feel validated for the things that you do best, even, and specifically if it is different than what someone else does?


Too often we “effort.” 

I describe efforting as when I am doing something that isn’t a strength, and it is taking me three times longer. Instead, we need to focus on finding our areas of strength and doing everything we possibly can to make those areas even stronger. When I am coaching someone, I spend 80% of my time working with them on things that they already do well – and how do they do it even better? I’m not saying that one shouldn’t work on areas that need improvement, but we may never be good at some things (unless we need or really want to be – that’s different story) and working on those things is a valuable waste of energy. 

Focus on doing what you are naturally good at, and you will continue to develop and grow.  This is because you are utilizing your strengths, these talents get stronger, and you become even better at what you do. You become “known” for that strength. People know who they need to seek and who they can rely on. When they rely on you and you are doing what you do best, it reinforces that you are the person with that strength. It’s a beautiful and continual cycle. 

by Barbara Ann Sharon, Chief Learning Officer at The Training Edge, LLC.

Reach out to find out more at or 610.454.1557.

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