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Investing in Yourself

What’s that expression…. The “cobbler’s children have no shoes?” While the origin of this phrase is unknown, the essence is that professionals in many given areas are so busy with their work for their clients or employees or anyone else that they fail to invest in to helping themselves. This is so commonly true for leaders. They fail to invest in their own professional development. The problem with that is that when leaders fail to put energy into their skills they get rusty, they continue bad habits, or they stop growing as a leader.

Taking time to invest in yourself

Top Excuses for Why Leaders Don’t Invest in their Own Professional Growth

  • No time.

  • Don’t need it.

  • Don’t want to be vulnerable.

  • What can someone teach me that I don’t already know?

  • I’ll do it later.

  • Not now.

Regardless of the excuse that you have for not investing in yourself, it is more important to understand the ramifications of not taking the time. Stop and think about the message that you are sending when you send others to training but yet you don’t take time to grow.

There will never be a day when you have nothing else to do, so instead of resisting, embrace it and make it a priority, because you’re worth it! Think of the benefits for committing to management / leadership development:

You being a good role model is one of the most influential elements in creating a powerful team.

Your relationship and ability to develop a relationship with your employees is the single most important factor in creating employee engagement. Engaged employees are happier and more productive.

Sometimes going back to the basics can create magnanimous results.

  • Delivering clear objectives.

  • Giving open and honest feedback.

  • Being authentic.

  • Sharpen the saw.

  • Take a fresh look at your skills.

Well-trained leaders boost morale and create a culture of positivity. Morale improves retention and creates an innovative environment.

When you feel good about yourself, you feel better about other things. There is an incredible result that happens at the end of the day when you can look back at what you’ve accomplished and give yourself a pat on the back. This comes from being the best leader you can be.

Don’t be the cobbler who always has his nose to the grind and fails to invest in what is really important…himself.

~Barbara Ann
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