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January Blues - No More.

Let's start the year out right with planning

January is often coined with the phrase January Blues. Are your employees truly engaged or are they trying to sweep away the blue feelings of “here we go again?” Same day. Same year. Same story.

Getting your employees re-engaged should be a high priority for your organization and for the start of the year. Yet, re-engaging your employees is different. Needs are changing, motivators are varied, and the culture is a work in progress. 

Here are three ways to prioritize re-engagement in the workplace. 

Revisit / Re-ignite the company vulture, vision, and values. Too often, we see where companies spend a lot of resources on creating a vision statement. Rarely, does that company take the vision off the wall and invite conversation and understanding about what the vision means and how the vision will be achieved. Today, employees want to work with a company that aligns with their values.   

An organizational culture is created by what the majority of people do. Values are crucial to ensuring that employees are fully dedicated to their work and the company’s mission. 

January is the perfect time to figure out what is working / not working about the company culture and to determine the direction that the organization is heading. Promote re-engagement to bring the team(s) together and having a dialogue about what the vision means and how they will help to reach that goal. 


Ask Your Team What’s Important to Them. 

Rather than throwing “spaghetti on the wall” to see what sticks and to “guess” what is important to them… ````simply ask.  Ask your team what they need, what’s important to them, and what you can do to help create the best team possible. Do not make assumptions about your employees’ wants and needs. You can determine exactly what’s important to them by having a conversation and establishing new rules for how the team wants to work together.  Get a fresh start and a fresh perspective for the new year. 

Use an individual assessment to reveal individual motivators and then look at the team’s similarities and differences as a group.

12 Driving Forces Sample Report
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Team 12 Driving Forces Sample Report
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Provide Learning and Development Plans for Your Employees.

To ensure that your employees are focused on their growth, create, and share a plan that helps them to navigate the path for career development. There is nothing better than helping to re-engage your employees by showing employees the steps along the way that will help them to elevate to their next level of success. One of the primary reasons for an employee leaving their job is burnout and the second is due to a lack of growth opportunities. 

We often think that an employee’s development plan is for the employee’s benefit only.  It is also a great tool for effective coaching by the leader, too! The plan provides the recipe for the leader as to where and how to focus their support and to tap into how to best unleash the talent of the team. 

Give your employees the reason to both stay at the organization and to engage in high levels of productivity and engagement. 

Download the best way to guarantee employee engagement by matching the job to the employee. 

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job benchmarking flyer
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