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Kick off the Year Right! Setting Expectations.

Getting organized for the new year.

January is the perfect time to step back, reflect, and set expectations for the year ahead. Like new year’s resolutions, this time of year it is important to create clarity and focus with your employees to identify what is most important to them in the coming year. This is crucial for personal and professional growth, so that they can focus their time, energy, and resources on what truly matters.

Too often, we assume that our employees know your expectations. With the commitment to move beyond our assumptions, we can communicate our expectations to others to help avoid misunderstanding. This reduces the likelihood of conflicts. We would like to introduce you to setting expectations through defining the RA2.


The concept of RA2 is to help organizations create clarity for their employees. It is an organizational environment where employees have a clear understanding of their primary purpose in helping to achieve an organization’s vision and business purpose.


Clarity around goals and expectations creates effective decision making, which can move an organization forward. When there is uncertainty, chaos, or confusion, the right decisions (or no decisions are made) can challenge the best of organizations. Employees need and want to know three things to be successful, so that they can own and be accountable in their job.

1.      Responsibility:  What am I responsible for?

2.      Accountability:  How will I be measured?

3.      Authority: What are the guidelines (power) of my decision making?


Without these three definitions, employees and teams work under pretense, guessing, and chaos. This program explores how teams and organizations can implement ownership, collaboration, and alignment into their culture. This clarity helps to strengthen the characteristics and behaviors that are necessary for success and continuous improvement in a self-directing environment. Participants will learn how to work within their teams or individual relationships to make solid decisions and build a foundation needed to build trust to meet today’s market demands. The RA2 Interface (Responsibility, Accountability, and Authority) provides a solid launching pad for the core decision making, communication, and results for a future strong team. Imagine if each of your employees could create a map for their tasks, measurements and parameters of decision making:



  • Complete monthly status report


  • Completed by the 1st of the month for previous month.

  • 100% error free

  • Sent to all directors by the 2nd of the month.


  • Contact accounting dept, if necessary

  • Extend to 3rd working day if system is down.


  • Need to learn AR system from Peggy.

Now that you understand the meanings of Responsibility, Accountability, and Authority, it is time to implement the RAs among your team, department, and organization. The template is the working document that defines the responsibility, accountability, and authority of an employee. This document or chart provides the means to determine clear roles and responsibilities of each employee, as he/she fits into the overall organizational vision and objectives.

The goal is for the employee to create their template according to their understanding of the responsibility, accountability, and authority guidelines. This then opens the door for good dialogue among your colleagues to ensure clarity and how all things roll into achieving the goals and vision. The template is not a process view but a functional view of the work. Keep in mind that the RA2 template will be dynamic, functional, and current for a “snapshot” in time. Do not over-evaluate your tasks or responsibilities. You can continue to enhance, edit, and qualify / quantify them, as needed.

Kick off the year right through setting expectations which will help you and your employees to:

  • Measure their progress.

  • Prioritize tasks and allocate time effectively.

  • Promote resiliency and personal / professional growth, and

  • Reflect and learn as things advance.

In conclusion, starting off the new year with clear expectations sets the stage for a purposeful and fulfilling journey. It provides direction, motivation, and a framework for growth, helping you make the most of the opportunities that the year holds.

Read more about our Setting Expectations Program.

Setting Expectations
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