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The Power of Leveraging Other Strengths

The strengths of many

We are all good at something but not everything.  Instead of working harder, we need to work smarter.  Smarter work is when we know ourselves well and capitalize on the strengths that we have.  Next, is to know other people’s strengths, so that you can use those gifts to compliment yours. If everyone shares the same strengths, it is much easier to get stuck or worse yet, groupthink occurs. When people with different strengths come together to solve a problem, they can view the situation from multiple perspectives and ultimately solve the problem quicker and richer. 

So how do you know other people’s strengths?

Yes. There are tests and assessments that others can take and share with you about their strengths.  I find that the best way to know about other strengths is to observe and ask. 

Most people know what they are good at, or what they are NOT good at. Sometimes, identifying what we are not good at is a bit easier. In building trust and strong teams, we can simply ask our team members where they shine, so that we can identify the right areas to put them in to bring out their best. Imagine if someone said to you, “You are a valuable team member, and I am looking forward to working with you. So that we can all be our best and produce great results, what do you feel you already do well and can lend to the team’s results?” This statement is absent of judgment and leans towards all working together for a common goal. 

Then, observe. Watch where people get excited. Look for where others do work quickly and effectively. Catch people doing good and celebrate those efforts. When you put people in line with their strengths, you will consistently see how well they show up and succeed. This makes you do and look better too. 

For more information on how to leverage your strengths or your teams, contact us at or 610.454.1557.

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